Kindle Cascadia 2017

December 18 – 22, 2017

Hosted by Aprovecho Center for Research and Education in Sustainability in Cottage Grove, OR

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Summoning for 2017…

Theme: Tending the fire of the kindred hearth

It has been a trying year for our nation, world, and many of us as individuals. In the face of unethical corporate rule, unsupportive politics, divisive social movements, and the escalation of natural disasters, where do we find sense and hope?

In these times of strife and darkness, it is all the more imperative that we come together to tell our stories, support one another, and build our energy to move forward together. We cannot do this alone.

Kindle Cascadia is our time to feel the darkness at its most potent, to remind ourselves of what it takes to thrive, to reweave the web that connects us all, and to kindle our fire to last the coming year.

The Winter Solstice is a time of sharing and belonging. It is the time to transcend our differences and find our common ground. In Medieval England, the poor would go door to door offering blessings and songs in exchange for provisions–a tradition to remind that though we may live different realities, we are still neighbors, and we all have something to offer to each other. We are all kin.

In the hearth of Kindle Cascadia there is a fire that we tend together. It will warm and will feed us all, if we choose to show up and offer what we have to give. What do you have to bring to the hearth this year? Join us in kindling Cascadia!