Kindle Cascadia 2019

DECEMBER 17 – 22, 2019

Registration is now closed! If you’d like to be on the waitlist, please fill out the registration form.

Hosted at Aprovecho Sustainability Education Center in Cottage Grove, OR

Summons for Kindle Cascadia 2019

Dismantling Oppression at Kindle Cascadia

At Kindle Cascadia, we ultimately seek to create a world free from domination and oppression where all people feel nourished, seen, and empowered through all of their social interactions. We also recognize that this is not where we are as a society, and there is a lot of work we must do before we get to live in that vision. 

Our commitment as organizers

  • We will actively work to dismantle systems of oppression as they express themselves in the organizing, designing, and carrying out of the gathering. 
  • We will do everything in our power to reduce the risk of physical, verbal, and emotional harm that occurs for all participants, recognizing that it is impossible to eliminate this risk entirely. 
  • We will hear and take seriously any feedback from the experience of any participant, past or present, of the gathering

Actions in 2019 

  • Designated Quiet Zone for rest, reflection, processing, and personal sanctuary
  • Mediation Team: A coordinated group of trusted community members, including organizers, who are attentive to the interpersonal dynamics of the gathering and are available for mediating conflicts, listening, helping individuals process experiences or emotions, and taking bold action when needed to uphold Safe(r) Space
    • Note: Some of our Mediation Team has training in peer counseling, mediation, interpersonal work, etc, but they are not licensed therapists. If you need significant mental health support you will have to seek that elsewhere. 
  • Affinity groups: Invitation for any historically marginalized identity group to create a designated space at the gathering (in space or time). Facilitator(s) of this space will set their own ground rules about who can show up to that space and what is allowed there. Organizers/Mediation Team will support the space however requested. Reach out to an organizer if you would like to facilitate such a space. 
  • Accountability dialogue: If we become aware that a registered participant (including organizers and teachers) has a history of violence (of any type), we will investigate the situation and hold confidential dialogue to hear all sides of the story, find out whether that person is in an accountability process, and use our best judgment as organizers to determine the level of participation (or not) that person can safely have in this community space.  Recognizing that both “victims” and “perpetrators” of violence need healing that a space like Kindle Cascadia can provide, we will do our best to creatively address these delicate and complex interpersonal matters without excluding or shaming anyone. However, in the interest of creating a Safe(r) space, arrangements may be made like creating boundaries on where a person can go at the gathering, who they initiate interactions with, the level of leadership they hold, or, in extreme scenarios, barring participation altogether for a year or more. 

This is sensitive stuff! We are all humans, we were all raised in a society where oppression of some sort was the norm, and we are still learning. We will make mistakes. Please talk to us, challenge us, share your experience whether positive or negative, and help us continue to learn.