2016 Offerings

We have many offerings coming together in the form of practical skills, well being, and community building activities and discussion. Much more will be our time celebrating the solstice, meals shared and connections with each other over craft. Stay tuned for updates on this year’s schedule and offerings!

2016 Offerings

Willow basket weaving ~ Rob Miller

Using willow harvested locally, learn some basic weaving techniques and create your very own basket!

From tree to post, round pole framing ~ Abel Kloster, Chris Foraker

Three workshops: 1. Fall a tree, delimb and debark, all with hand tools. 2/3. Learn roundpole framing methods and erect a post and beam for Aprovecho’s outdoor kitchen!

Green Wood Spoon Carving ~ Kiko Denzer
Learn many carving techniques in one project, beginning with whole green wood, and ending with a refined spoon!
Acorns for Food ~ FinnPo
Anthropologically it is probably safe to say that human beings have eaten millions more tons of acorns than they have all of the agriculturally produced grains combined. Come join the annual Kindle Cascadian Acorn Action Team and let them become a staple in your kitchen arts.
Terra Preta Sanitation ~ FinnPo
Bring this re-discovered pre-columbian soil web making system into your own backyard. Explore the ultimate in the permaculture principle of stacked functions. Humanure, Biochar, Bokashi, Vermiculture and stove making.

Care of body mind and soul in Wintertime ~ Jessica Heiler

Use movement based on Traditional Chinese Medicine and nature connection core routines to keep your Qi (Life Force Energy) flowing freely through your body to stay healthy and balanced through winter.

Flint knapping ~ Nico

Make arrowheads or other cutting edge tools from raw stone.

Crisis intervention and de-escalation ~ Cypress

Learn reflective listening and de-escalation techniques used by Whitebird crisis responders. Practice responding to difficult situations that come up in communities through role play.

Friction fire ~ Angelo Seaver

Make fire without metal, paper, or hydrocarbons!

Animal tracking ~ Teri Lysak from Cascadia Wild.

Wild animals are difficult to observe, yet are all around us.  Tracking provides a way to unravel their mystery, enabling us to discern their presence and learn about their lives. Learn some of the finer details that will help you distinguish between different tracks and how to hone your skills of observation, through both plaster prints and searching for tracks in the field.

Plant identification ~ Teri Lysak from Cascadia Wild.

Hike and learn to identify the plants growing in the wintertime temperate cloud forest around Sky Camp.

Cordage making ~ Lacey Allred

Making our own fiber from wild plants.

Rendering and using animals fats  ~ Andy Howell

Learn how to render fat and make soap from it.

Co-ops 101 ~ Nat Locke, Ana Begej (Minneapolis, MN)

Co-ops have been an organizing tool used by humans since before modern business as we know it even existed. In this workshop, learn the basics of co-operatives, what makes them different from businesses and nonprofits, and envision a co-operative world together.

Anti-oppression ~ Nat Locke, Ana Begej (Minneapolis, MN)

A village of true heart cannot be crafted until we are willing to move our subconscious oppressive tendencies into our conscious minds where we can see them, understand them, and begin to dismantle them. This class can serve as the start to that journey.

Zegg forum ~ Sara Eden Gally and David Goldstein

ZEGG Forum is a deep and intimate process for groups. The aim is to reveal whatever is authentic, alive and true within us. Forum creates a space of trust and openness between people. Participants experience the freedom and permission to be who they are and allow others to witness them this way.

Knitting ~ Rachel Sanders and Dylan Stirewalt

Want to advance your knitting skills or learn for the first time? Rachel and Dylan will share there experience, consult with you about your own projects, or show you how to make a headband ear warmer.

Ecological walkabout ~Tao Orion

Learning to do good: How, when, and why to intervene in landscapes to enhance diversity and functionality

Animal processing ~ Eric Cinowalt

From animal to table, learn to process a pastured sheep into meals for our community.

Charcoal pencils ~ Sarah Fox
Students will learn where to source and process willow branches and other native trees to create beautiful charcoal drawing pencils for all artistic needs. This will be a two day process that will involve sourcing material, processing and firing.
Rawhide pencil case ~ Sarah Fox
In this class, students will learn how to convert a hide into strong and versatile rawhide. Students will make a rawhide pencil case using sinew, rawhide and buckskin thong to hold their charcoal drawing pencils or any other special items. Basic sewing experience is recommended but not necessary.

Song ~ Come to learn and share songs over the solstice!

Dance ~ If you have a desire to move and feel your body, there is space to do so!

Check back for more updates!