Welcome To Kindle Cascadia!

DECEMBER 18- 22, 2016

Join us for the 9th annual Kindle Cascadia, a Winter Solstice gathering in the South Willamette Valley.

Embracing the darkness and reverie of wintertime, we join together for four days and nights to build community as we build fires, to weave stories as we weave baskets, to nourish our bodies with wholesome food as we nourish our spirits with song and play. We show up authentically, offer what we have joyously, and face the mysteries in ourselves. In a remote forested location along Fall Creek Lake, we have the space to explore the beauty of the outdoor elements and the nature that lies within each of us. Grounded in hands-on skills that bridge ancestral lifeways with the modern world, guided by ritual and ceremony, and mobilized by the “invisible” structures that uphold individuals and communities, we weave the fabric of our village.





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