Instructor Bios

Abel Kloster – Cottage Grove, Oregon – Tree felling

abel klosterA fourth generation Oregon native, Abel is well acquainted with the forests,  fields, and people of the Pacific Northwest where he has farmed, tended land, and indulged in the culture for many years.  Abel co-teaches and directs Aprovecho’s Permaculture programs and is the Land Steward for Aprovecho’s land trust. He is on the board of Agriculture and Community Land Trust and co-owner of Resilience Permaculture Design, a whole systems design firm specializing in farm and forestry planning and ecological restoration.

Andy Howell – Eugene, Oregon – Animal Fat Wizardry

andyAndy Howell is a domesticated modern human who spends most of his time exploring alternatives to industrial civilization. His interests in self-sufficiency and laughter have coalesced into a playful quest to rewild and live closer to the land. Through gardening, hunting, and foraging he’s dove head first into food sovereignty. He’s become fascinated with the myriad uses of animal fat, and hosts workshops to inspire others to integrate healthy fat into their life. He also teaches wilderness education to youth, covering subjects such as survival, primitive skills, parkour, and homesteading.

Angelo Seaver – Eugene, Oregon – Friction Fire/ Hand Drill; Knife sharpening; Trapping; Hide smoking

1Angelo grew up farming in the Santa Cruz mountains, he was often roaming the redwood forests with a pocket full of field guides and taught himself to stalk, track and hunt, identify plants and mushrooms. Eventually how to be comfortable sleeping outside with out camping gear by building shelters and making fires to stay warm. With many thanks also to the help of other skilled instructors along the way, he shares his passion for ancestral living skills.

Anna Bradley – Eugene, OR – Solstice scavenge, fire-making, and ceremony

Anna grew up in Eastern Oregon and spent her summers and weekends fishing, camping, and wandering the hills with her family. In 2006 she graduated from the University of Oregon with a bachelors degree in Archaeology and nowhere to go. She spent time directing plays and choirs, tutoring children, working as a Program Director for Boys & Girls Club, and volunteering with local organizations such as Nearby Nature. However, nature was always calling her back. She began to study wilderness survival and nature awareness skills and soon found the link between her dreams and her passion to understand ancient ways. Anna has studied wilderness survival at Tom Brown Jr.’s Tracker School, and the Kamana Naturalist Training Program. Anna loves to throw around a sling, study herbalism, and play in the wilds. She has worked very closely with children and adults alike using a teaching method that encourages curiosity, motivation, and fun. Anna loves integrating music and theatre into her teaching and is currently working on writing and recording her music. Anna has been studying ethnobotany and herbalism for over 10 years and is currently the Clinical Director with the Columbines School of Botanical Studies. She can be found leading plant walks at events such as the Wildflower Festival and logs her time in nature with her blog Feral Botanicals

Carly Boyer – Eugene, OR – Soft Fiber Baskets

IMG_0646.jpgCarly Boyer is a gardener, herbalist, florist and Handwriting analyst.  Her self published zine, ‘Urban Herbs,’ is available across the country.  Carly is also known for her skills as an event organizer, notably, hosting ‘Echoes in Time’ at Dicentra Sanctuary.  Born and raised in the Willamette Valley, she now lives in Eugene with her housemates, dog, cats and chickens.

Cheryl Stokes – Roseburg, Oregon – Spinning, book binding, rug weaving

Cheryl with Shibori DyeingCheryl Stokes has been involved in teaching crafts and culinary arts for more than twenty five years. She is currently teaching adult classes at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg as well as the children’s art classes at the Umpqua Valley Art Center. Cheryl earned an AA degree at The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles, California. Some of the crafts she enjoys are shibori, pottery, doll making, pastel painting, sewing, making jointed bears, artisan bread baking, candy making, cooking international foods, soap making, wheat straw weaving, quilting and silk painting. She especially loves learning and teaching new art techniques. Since moving to Roseburg thirteen years ago, Cheryl has spent most of her free time playing with fiber arts such as, spinning, weaving, knitting, rug making, dyeing and felting. Cheryl loves spending time with her husband and four adult children. She also loves her job working as a caregiver for developmentally disabled adults. Just recently, Cheryl and her husband have adopted a whole foods, plant based diet and are thrilled with the health benefits that they have experienced.


Dio Dmitri Bloomingheart – Eugene, OR – Solstice Ritual facilitator

Dio Dmitri is a priest/ess, clinical energetic herbalist, medicine maker, and teacher, currently working as a social justice organizer. Their commitment to re-membering ancestral practices is rooted in cultivating a sense of belonging for settler people, bringing us into deeper alignment with natural rhythms of the earth and the call to rise up for liberation in this time. Herbalism, magic and “rewilding” are all part of weaving this path of re-enchantment. Dio strives to integrate decolonizing and anti-racism work into their practices as a crucial pathway for coming into right relationship. They reside in Chanchífin, the Kalapuya territory often called Eugene, OR. Dusty’s primary magical training has been with the Blue Iris Mystery School as well as the Village Mystery School.

Eric Cinowalt – Oregon – Animal Processing; Primitive Posture

ericEric Cinowalt oversees the day-to-day operations of his family’s homestead, Dolittle Pastures. Several years ago, he made a commitment to healthful eating. That, plus a love of the outdoors, led to raising grass-fed lamb, pastured poultry and pork. While the meat feeds his family and community, his real motivation is to use the presence of domesticated animals to restore lands for future generations. He teaches humane and reverent animal processing to adults and children, and is delighted to return to Kindle Cascadia again this year.

FinnPo – Eugene, Oregon – Biochar, Terra Preta Sanitation; Acorn Processing

-1.jpgSelf described “Indigeneer, occupier and futurary”. Presently working on the “eco-keystone household 2050”. FinnPo has inspired numerous people in the sustainability movement over the last few decades and has taught at several Kindle Cascadia events.



Heron Brae – Eugene, Oregon – Solstice Ritual Facilitator

Heron Brae was born and raised here in the southern Willamette Valley, and spends her time as a rewilder, organizer, and educator. She teaches field studies in botany, ecology, bioregional herbalism, ethical wildcrafting, and her program Wild Food Tending at The Columbines School of Botanical Studies in Eugene. She also organizes collaborative community spaces for people to relearn belonging with the wild through direct experience with land tending, human connection, and eating wild foods. Her experience in ritual facilitation comes from her lifelong participation and leadership in ritual that honors the land and natural cycles, mentored by her mother. As a youth, she was a founding member of the Young Women’s Ritual Theatre group. She organized and attended the Free Activist Witchcamp for years, a part of the Reclaiming tradition of witchcraft. She occasionally teaches magic and ritual from a Reclaiming Tradition perspective centered around collective liberation and land connection with her partner Dio in Eugene. The Earth is Alive!

Hosanna White – Cottage Grove, Oregon – Stone Pigment & Paint;  and Animal Games

Hosanna is passionate about living with the cycles, seasons, and elements of the Earth, shedding the cultural conditioning of consumption and dependence on convenience, and cultivating creativity and community. She lives close to the land, on an off-grid homestead with fellow cultural creatives and shares most of her time engaging youth in place-based, holistic education and mentorship with Nature’s Mystery Awareness School.

James Huntley – Eugene, Oregon – Natural Movement

JamesJames grew up in southern Oregon where he was free to run wild on the banks of the Rogue River.  Since childhood, he has sought to understand the nature of humanity and how to increase his own capacity to effect positive change in the world. It was trail running where he recognized the possibility of movement in nature as a holistic practice. This drew him towards the study of nutrition, human movement and the primal relationships humans have held with nature. Inspired to interact with the world in a more complete way and challenge himself to rise to his fullest potential, James continues to pursue trainings and certifications in several modalities. He is a certified Level 2 MovNat instructor and a certified personal trainer. He is in the process of creating a local training program that will enable students to move with the abilities of our indigenous ancestors while caring for themselves and the environments that they move through.

Kara Huntermoon – Eugene, OR – Ancestral Skills and Climate Change

Kara Huntermoon is co-owner of Heart-Culture Farm Community, an intentional community near Eugene, Oregon.  Together with her farm-mates, she practices Permaculture and ancestral skills while transitioning to a post-carbon economy.  She is the mother of two daughters and a committed communitarian.

Kayla Rayson – Northern CA – Decolonizing sexuality, Tracking

Kayla has been devoted to earth living skills and ancestral arts since her teens. She has been a student at 8 Shields and Tracker school, and has attended skills gatherings over the last 13 years. In the Sierra Foothills of Northern California, she guides nature connection, ancestral healing and survival skills. As a youth, Kayla was immersed in the queer community and benefited from being raised in a sex-positive environment. At 20, she studied midwifery before the birth of her children. She is excited to reinvent the traditionally heteronormative skills gatherings with the flavors of authentic sexuality innate in each of our beings using deep nature connection and tantric methods of Orgasmic Living.

Larry Stokes – Roseburg, Oregon – Fermentation

LarryStokes_mbiraLarry Stokes is in love with music of all kinds. He is an orchestrator, collector of unusual musical instruments, proficient at playing dozens of instruments, and a song writer. He is a student of the healing arts including: Daoist Inner Alchemy, EFT, Quantum Touch, Autogenic Therapy, Reiki, ThetaHealing. Larry is interested in homesteading and survival techniques of all kinds, as well as arts and crafts. Some of the leadership positions he is currently holding are: leader of the Roseburg Healing Group, Music Director for Unity of Roseburg and the Church of Light. Larry is the Junior Warden at McKenzie River Masonic Lodge in Eugene, accompanist for Anderson’s Crystal Bowl Event, and a UCC Adult Education instructor. Larry has been a teacher in various capacities for a number of decades. Teaching provides the opportunity to brighten someone’s day, helping others improve their life in some way – adding a new perspective to their world view, helping them learn a new skills, or just finding new ways to be a nicer person. Lastly, Larry is a mystic, walking his own unique path.

Michelle Plata – Oregon – Nourishing winter skin

MichelleMichelle Plata works as a health promotion specialist to build communities that nourish women and children. As an instructor at Shakti Rising, she has led women to rediscover the wisdom of their own bodies and ancient ways of wellness through an exploration of seasonal foods, herbalism and healing practices.

Mitchel Davidovitz – Eugene, Oregon – Photographer

mitchelMitchel Davidovitz is an artist interested in exploring the Sacred and the Absurd. He is stoked about transforming culture through art, community resilience work, and connecting deeply with people and the land in an interdependent way. He has spent the past few years living on land-cooperatives and communes as a part of a documentary photography project.

Rachel Elise Sanders – Eugene, Oregon – Fiber Arts for Kids

Rachel Elise is a Waldorf Spanish teacher, musician, gardener, raft guide and mother of a one year old. She lives in an urban community of 30 people in Eugene and values building community. As a Waldorf alumni herself, she is an avid crafter and knitting addict. Rachel is excited to bring finger knitting and wet felting to some of the young Kindle participants


Rebecca Minifie – Dundee, OR – The Botany, Physiology, and Spirit of Winter

Medicinal plants first spoke to Rebecca while working in native flora restoration for State Parks in 1998. Since then, she has passionately studied herbal medicine, through a two year wild-crafting and botany apprenticeship with Columbines School of Botanical Studies, four years of organic farming medicinal herbs and vegetables at Winter Green Farm, and by working with the many wise herbs in her yearly medicinal garden. She is a medicine maker, ethical wild-crafter, and plant advocate, sharing her love of plants as part of her life’s work. Rebecca has taught herbal medicine for over 10 years through workshops, apprenticeships, class series, and with private herbal consultations. She loves helping people transform through finding plant allies and tuning into their own body wisdom. She has found that humans re-connecting to natural rhythms can be such a powerful path of healing for all the realms. Rebecca received her massage license in 2017 and specializes in Craniosacral therapy and supporting women with chronic illness. Most recently, she graduated from the four year Blue Iris Mystery School. Rebecca mothers two energetic plant-loving kids, ages 7 and 9, and lives and gardens with her husband in Dundee, OR.

Ryder Coen – Eugene, OR – Biochar and Acorn Processing


Ryder was born in the land of Minnesota and grew up exploring the surrounding meadows and woodlands of the St. Croix river valley, where miles of trails connected to the backdoor of his family home. Driven forward by the question of how to best be of service in the world, an innate reverence for the sacredness of life and a desire to see humans living in harmony with our wild and natural environment, he moved to Oregon to study landscape architecture, environmentalism and permaculture .  Now, four years later, he’s living and working as garden manager at Vistara, where–among other focus areas–he has been exploring the integration of acorns and biochar into the vision of a life lived in ecological and environmental integrity.

Sara Eden Gally – Solsara connection

Sara Eden Gally is a web weaver and community organizer. She loves more than anything to bring people together to share in the beauty of a life well lived. Sara Eden facilitates conflict resolution workshops, is a communication nerd, and finds great joy in organizing gatherings that are aligned with her hearts values; Community, Right Relation, and Beauty.

Talyce Yemaya – Oregon – Unpacking Racism

Spokeswoman, writer and social activist, Talyce Yemaya, is a bridgebuilder for social equity and justice within the POC community. She weaves her knowledge of permaculture, yoga & holistic medicine into her alchemical remedies for evoking social, spiritual, and environmental change. Her passions extend throughout her work as a student birth doula and space holder. From inner-city to inner-forest, Talyce moved to Oregon in 2015 after completing a Permaculture Design Course in Costa Rica. She felt moved by the beauty and vast bio-region of the PNW, and desired to participate in the cultivation of cultural and bioregional diversity!

Tao Orion – Cottage Grove, OR – Reading the Landscape

BioPic.jpgTao Orion is the author of Beyond the War on Invasive Species: A Permaculture Approach to Ecosystem Restoration. She teaches permaculture design at Oregon State University and at Aprovecho, a 40-acre nonprofit sustainable-living educational organization. Tao consults on holistic farm, forest, and restoration planning through Resilience Permaculture Design, LLC. She holds a degree in agroecology and sustainable agriculture from UC Santa Cruz, and grows organic fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts, and animals on her southern Willamette Valley homestead, Viriditas Farm.

2018 Kindle Cascadia Organizers

Abby Colehour – Cottage Grove, OR

Abby is a proud Minnesotan who has been working on life skills in the southern Willamette valley for the past several years. She is a catalyst and organizer for social movements and organizations, and devotes her energy to supporting people and projects working to develop meaningful connection with the land and each other. She enjoys meeting life’s daily needs creatively and opportunistically with her eclectic toolkit: chainsaw, axe, knitting needles, sewing machine, gardening hand tools, food and herb dehydrator, kitchen implements, pen and paper, and most importantly her hands and heart. She has been on the Kindle Cascadia organizing team for six years, and this year is spearheading the gathering as the Lead Coordinator.

Hannah Themann – Eugene, OR

Jessi Pongratz – Cottage Grove, OR

Odaya Ionis – Portland, OR

Ilana Jakubowski (Kitchen Coordinator) – Eugene, OR

Ilana is thrilled to be in her second year coordinating the kitchen for Kindle Cascadia!  A natural homemaker, she is most in her element tending the hearth at the heart of community.  Ilana has been cooking for groups at various events and in community living situations for over 10 years.  When she is not in the kitchen, Ilana spends much of her time orchestrating a therapeutic preschool at a shelter for families in housing transition.  Her favorite days are the ones which work and play intertwine and are woven in with delicious dining!

Shayna Le Fae (Kids Program Coordinator) – Olympia, WA


Shayna Le Fae has a Masters in Waldorf Education from The Freie Hochschule in Stuttgart, Germany. While in Germany she worked in Waldorf and Forest Kindergartens and as a traveling street musician. She has been back in the states since 2015 and has been developing The Faery Apothecary. The Faery Apothecary is an Herbal Apothecary, Mobile Storytelling Theater and Museum of Magic created to revitalize long forgotten traditions of folk medicine, artisan craft and storytelling. The circus wagon mobile shoppe, which is still in the building process, will dispense medicine for body and soul, magic to inspire creativity, music and theatrical storytelling performance art as well as offers workshops to adults and children.

Kindle Cascadia Advisory Council

Rob Miller – Eugene, OR

Rob Miller is the lead guide, program designer, and director of Cascadia Quest. He is a wilderness guide, ceremonialist, wild-crafter, council leader, loving parent, and fun-loving instigator of radical and sustainable earth-based culture change. Rob founded Kindle Cascadia in 2008, when he invited a bunch of friends to his house to craft together over the winter solstice. With his energy and devotion, Kindle Cascadia has grown into what it is today, and he continues to support the organizers and give energy to the gathering.

Shay Hohmann – Chimacum, WA


Originally from western Washington, Shay recently moved to the Olympic Peninsula after living in Eugene for several years. There, he studied botany and herbal medicine at The Columbines School of Botanical Studies, and continues to wildcraft and grow his own herbs. He devotes much of his time to developing hands-on skills of all types, which currently include metalworking, shoe-making and leathercraft, animal processing, natural building, and land use planning. He first became involved with Kindle Cascadia in 2013 as part of the kitchen team, continued this role as well in lead organizing through 2017, and joined the Advisory Council after he moved to Chimacum.

Lacey Jay Allred – Port Townsend, WA

LaceyOriginally from the great state of Utah, Lacey now calls the Pacific Northwest home. Most recently, in Eugene, Oregon, Lacey has spent most of her time as an instructor at Whole Earth Nature School, studying herbalism and botany at The Columbines School of Botanical Studies, building community, and working on farms. She currently devotes much of her time to creating beauty and operating Sweet Seed Flower Farm, providing a local flower CSA. She was a core member of the organizing team and headed up registration in 2016 and 2017, and now supports new organizers in these roles. In her spare time, Lacey enjoys outdoor adventures, sitting by a fire, and a good cup of tea.