Instructor Bios

Abel Kloster – Cottage Grove, Oregon – Tree felling

abel klosterA fourth generation Oregon native, Abel is well acquainted with the forests,  fields, and people of the Pacific Northwest where he has farmed, tended land, and indulged in the culture for many years.  Abel co-teaches and directs Aprovecho’s Permaculture programs and is the Land Steward for Aprovecho’s land trust. He is on the board of Agriculture and Community Land Trust and co-owner of Resilience Permaculture Design, a whole systems design firm specializing in farm and forestry planning and ecological restoration.

Andy Howell – Eugene, Oregon – Animal Fat Wizardry

andyAndy Howell is a domesticated modern human who spends most of his time exploring alternatives to industrial civilization. His interests in self-sufficiency and laughter have coalesced into a playful quest to rewild and live closer to the land. Through gardening, hunting, and foraging he’s dove head first into food sovereignty. He’s become fascinated with the myriad uses of animal fat, and hosts workshops to inspire others to integrate healthy fat into their life. He also teaches wilderness education to youth, covering subjects such as survival, primitive skills, parkour, and homesteading.

Angelo Seaver – Eugene, Oregon – Friction Fire/ Hand Drill; Knife sharpening

1Angelo grew up farming in the Santa Cruz mountains, he was often roaming the redwood forests with a pocket full of field guides and taught himself to stalk, track and hunt, identify plants and mushrooms. Eventually how to be comfortable sleeping outside with out camping gear by building shelters and making fires to stay warm. With many thanks also to the help of other skilled instructors along the way, he shares his passion for ancestral living skills.

Cheryl Stokes – Roseburg, Oregon – Needle felting; Spinning

Cheryl with Shibori DyeingCheryl Stokes has been involved in teaching crafts and culinary arts for more than twenty five years. She is currently teaching adult classes at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg as well as the children’s art classes at the Umpqua Valley Art Center. Cheryl earned an AA degree at The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles, California. Some of the crafts she enjoys are shibori, pottery, doll making, pastel painting, sewing, making jointed bears, artisan bread baking, candy making, cooking international foods, soap making, wheat straw weaving, quilting and silk painting. She especially loves learning and teaching new art techniques. Since moving to Roseburg thirteen years ago, Cheryl has spent most of her free time playing with fiber arts such as, spinning, weaving, knitting, rug making, dyeing and felting. Cheryl loves spending time with her husband and four adult children. She also loves her job working as a caregiver for developmentally disabled adults. Just recently, Cheryl and her husband have adopted a whole foods, plant based diet and are thrilled with the health benefits that they have experienced.

Conrad Simas – Dexter, Oregon – Pottery; Cordage

conradPeople ask me why I practice primitive skills and when I found a passion for them. I struggle for an answer then end up explaining that ever since I can remember there has been this interest in the back of my mind obsessing about mountain men, Indians and nature. Many people go to church in search of God but I go into nature because that’s where I find Him; I practice primitive skills because that’s how we communicate.

Dan Nanamkin – Oregon – First Nations elder

danDan Nanamkin from the Wallowa Chief Joseph Band of Nez Perce and Colville tribe would like to join you this year to learn but to also share! He is offering Song, dance, stories, prayer and friendship. Hands on learning and sharing his adventures as a water and land protector.


Eric Cinowalt – Oregon – Animal Processing; Primitive Posture

ericEric Cinowalt oversees the day-to-day operations of his family’s homestead, Dolittle Pastures. Several years ago, he made a commitment to healthful eating. That, plus a love of the outdoors, led to raising grass-fed lamb, pastured poultry and pork. While the meat feeds his family and community, his real motivation is to use the presence of domesticated animals to restore lands for future generations. He teaches humane and reverent animal processing to adults and children, and is delighted to return to Kindle Cascadia again this year.

FinnPo – Eugene, Oregon – Terra Preta Sanitation; Acorn Processing

-1.jpgSelf described “Indigeneer, occupier and futurary”. Presently working on the “eco-keystone household 2050”. FinnPo has inspired numerous people in the sustainability movement over the last few decades and has taught at several Kindle Cascadia events.



James Huntley – Eugene, Oregon – Natural Movement

JamesJames grew up in southern Oregon where he was free to run wild on the banks of the Rogue River.  Since childhood, he has sought to understand the nature of humanity and how to increase his own capacity to effect positive change in the world. It was trail running where he recognized the possibility of movement in nature as a holistic practice. This drew him towards the study of nutrition, human movement and the primal relationships humans have held with nature. Inspired to interact with the world in a more complete way and challenge himself to rise to his fullest potential, James continues to pursue trainings and certifications in several modalities. He is a certified Level 2 MovNat instructor and a certified personal trainer. He is in the process of creating a local training program that will enable students to move with the abilities of our indigenous ancestors while caring for themselves and the environments that they move through.

Julian Dominic – Portland, Oregon – Milpa Agroforestry

JulianJulian helps to consult and implement resilient and community-driven permaculture designs for diverse communities from scales of rural farms to urban homes with his business Witch Hazel Designs and Education.  Additionally, he uses his skills as an instructor for The City Repair Project and as an environmental educator with Portland Public Schools. Through his travels to various land-based cultures around the world, Julian studied Sustainable Agriculture at Warren Wilson College and now spends his time growing, processing and harvesting annual and perennial foods while finding different ways to gather and feed his family and friends. He is currently writing a book about corn entitled, Magical Maize.

Larry Stokes – Roseburg, Oregon

LarryStokes_mbiraLarry Stokes is in love with music of all kinds. He is an orchestrator, collector of unusual musical instruments, proficient at playing dozens of instruments, and a song writer. He is a student of the healing arts including: Daoist Inner Alchemy, EFT, Quantum Touch, Autogenic Therapy, Reiki, ThetaHealing. Larry is interested in homesteading and survival techniques of all kinds, as well as arts and crafts. Some of the leadership positions he is currently holding are: leader of the Roseburg Healing Group, Music Director for Unity of Roseburg and the Church of Light. Larry is the Junior Warden at McKenzie River Masonic Lodge in Eugene, accompanist for Anderson’s Crystal Bowl Event, and a UCC Adult Education instructor. Larry has been a teacher in various capacities for a number of decades. Teaching provides the opportunity to brighten someone’s day, helping others improve their life in some way – adding a new perspective to their world view, helping them learn a new skills, or just finding new ways to be a nicer person. Lastly, Larry is a mystic, walking his own unique path.

Michelle Plata – Oregon – Reimagining Menarche

MichelleMichelle Plata works as a health promotion specialist to build communities that nourish women and children. As an instructor at Shakti Rising, she has led women to rediscover the wisdom of their own bodies and ancient ways of wellness through an exploration of seasonal foods, herbalism and healing practices.


Mitchel Davidovitz – Eugene, Oregon – Bookbinding

mitchelMitchel Davidovitz is an artist interested in exploring the Sacred and the Absurd. He is stoked about transforming culture through art, community resilience work, and connecting deeply with people and the land in an interdependent way. He has spent the past few years living on land-cooperatives and communes as a part of a documentary photography project.


Ridhi D’Cruz – Portland, Oregon

Ridhi2017 (1)Ridhi D’Cruz is one of the co-Executive Directors of City Repair. As an intercontinental cross-pollinator, sociocultural anthropologist, and permaculture educator who has been living in Portland since 2010, Ridhi participates, facilitates, and supports various initiatives in the areas of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Placemaking, Capacity Building, Houseless Advocacy, Native American Allyship, Cultural Sustainability, and Social Permaculture. She is also a passionate herbalist, urban wildcrafter, natural building and participatory technology enthusiast, animal lover, and urban permaculture homesteader. You can reach her at and\

Teri Lysak – Hood River, Oregon

teri-lysakTeri has been teaching for Cascadia Wild and various primitive skills gatherings for over 5 years. She holds a MS in Forest Science, and previous to joining Cascadia Wild worked for the Washington Dept of Natural Resources providing forestry assistance to small private landowners and as a field forester, and seasonally for the Forest Service doing forest surveying, firefighting, and as a wildlife technician. Her teaching experience comes from 2 years of teaching high school science with the Peace Corps in Fiji. Teri loves wandering through the woods looking at trees, living as simply as possible in her small cabin in the woods, and bringing together the various people in the environmental community.

Tree Bressen – Eugene, Oregon – Designing Liberated Organizations

treeTree Bressen has been blessed with a calling to help groups function well.  Since 1998, she has served a wide variety of (150+) organizations, including more than 70 intentional communities.  She is also the founder of the nonprofit collective that produced the deck Group Works: A Pattern Language for Bringing Life to Meetings and Other Gatherings, currently in use by thousands of people in dozens of countries around the world.

Moon’s Nest Winter Solstice Teaching Team & Offerings

Flow WithWater ~ Portland, Oregon – Lead Guide to kiddos 5 & younger

elmiraFlow is founder, lead teacher, and head hearth witch of The Moon’s Nest Playschool. She is also a seasoned parent to three humans ranging in age from 4-18. After almost two decades of hard knock trial and error, she’s found resonance and guidance in attachment parenting, mindful parenting, and other such theories as The Continuum Concept.

She graduated from Portland State University as a highly distinguished McNair Scholar whose research focused on the transmission of epigenetic trauma, early childhood neurobiology, and the biopsychosocial impact of institutionalized systems of oppression. Her current research is in trauma mitigation and best practices for cultivating resilience to trauma in early childhood development.

She’s been a practicing witch in the Reclaiming Tradition with a focus in the hearth arts and practical magic for over a decade. She has been a committed student of Insight Meditation and Qigong these last two years, expanding her toolbox and gaining skills for mitigating trauma held in the body. She wakes each day with an intention to find holiness in the mundane and reverence for the sacred simplicity of bird song.

Sarah Fox ~ Lead Guide for kiddos ages 6+

sarah foxSarah Fox has been an educator for over a decade, teaching in public schools in several countries as well as coordinating and leading nature immersion programming for the wider Monterey County. She is the lead teacher, founder, and coordinator of the Nature Connect program which utilizes earth based arts, traditions, and technologies as a catalyst for resilience and place based connection. Her work seeks to further the dialogue on racial inequality and resource deprivation within the educational paradigm. Within her work, she deploys components of rewilding, equine therapy and experiential learning to help redirect patterns of negative behavior and communication in underrepresented and at-risk youth. She has a BA from Loyola Marymount University and a teaching credential from the University of Hertfordshire, England.  Sarah is a certified single subject English teacher, and certified in Wilderness First Aid. She has studied and completed programming under Lynx Vilden and John Young.


CJ ~ Assistant guide for kiddos ages 6+

CJLover of the forest, pebbles under water, the edges of things, rewilding, herbal medicine making, primitive skills and creating something from nothing. Ally to youth, awe, wonder and magic.


Shae Le Fae: Assistant guide to kiddos 5 & younger/Waldorf Teacher/ Magical Herbalist

ShaeEver wonder where St. John’s Wort gets it’s name? Or what plants the druids believed could unlock any door or even make you invisible? Shae le Fae, Ethnobotonist, Herbalist and Storyteller has been teaching and performing worldwide since 2007. She believes that the healing power of plants is magnified once you have a relationship with that plant. Le Fae says “Learning about the spirit and mythology of the plant not only aligns oneself with that plant but could it even make its healing powers more potent. Connecting with nature heals dis-ease. For generations upon generations our ancestors have been using plants to heal themselves.” Trained in performance storytelling Le Fae brings the mythical world of the ancient Celts to life in her workshops on Celtic Mythology and Herblore. She is a follower of the ancient green way and leads Celtic rituals in celebration of the seasons.
Shae Le Fae has a Masters in Waldorf Education from The Freie Hochschule in Stuttgart, Germany. While in Germany she worked in Waldorf and Forest Kindergartens and as a traveling street musician. She has been back in the states since 2015 and has been developing The Faery Apothecary. The Faery Apothecary is an Herbal Apothecary, Mobile Storytelling Theater and Museum of Magic created to revitalize long forgotten traditions of folk medicine, artisan craft and storytelling. The gypsy wagon mobile shoppe, which is still in the building process, will dispense medicine for body and soul, magic to inspire creativity, music and theatrical storytelling performance art as well as offers workshops to adults and children.