Children are a very important part of our collective process. They are the inspiration for us to create a better future, and to practice the skills and ancestral arts needed for place based culture. At the Kindle Cascadia gathering, we hold children in the heart of our temporary village. We seek to integrate and include children of all ages into the gathering by welcoming their participation in all activities and workshops when age and attention span allow, as well as offering child-focused programming. Every year a thriving “kids culture” unfolds during the gathering, and often families return year after year at the request of their youngest members.

The Kids Program varies from year to year, but always offers a diverse array of nature-based and ancestral skills crafts and activities to keep children of all ages occupied and engaged throughout the gathering. The Kids Program offers ways for children to engage in their own activities so that their adults have time to take workshops and be present in other ways. This is NOT child care. While we strive to create a dynamic where the whole community helps keep children safe and happy, a child’s parents/guardians are ultimately responsible for knowing where their children are and maintaining their wellbeing at all times.

2019 Kids program offerings coming soon