Children are a very important part of our collective process. They are the inspiration for us to create a better future, and to practice the skills and ancestral arts needed for place based culture. This year Kindle Cascadia has partnered with Moon’s Nest Playschool from Portland to create a robust children’s curriculum fostering our mission and values. To learn about the instructors for the children’s programming, please to go our Instructor Bios link and scroll down towards the bottom. To learn about the children’s programming and what is being offered, please go to our 2017 Offerings link and scroll down towards the bottom.

More information on the 2018 Kids Program coming soon!

Invitation & Call for 2017

The Moon’s Nest Playchool is pleased to be partnered with Kindle Cascadia to offer adventure, play, and connection to the littles of this annual gathering. Our programming aims to provide support to the families of the Kindle community while engaging children in craft, ceremony, ritual, play, and story. It is important to our team that the children and families who chose to spend their Winter Solstice gathering with us, feel centered and supported throughout the gathering.

In this first year of implementing the children’s programing for the gathering, we hope to form meaningful memories, relationships, and traditions that will kindle us through the year and bring us back to each other in the next.

We are SO excited to start this work, and to cultivate magical Winter Solstice experiences for the children of the Kindle community and their families.

We do hope that you will join us this year as we honor the darkness, welcome the light, turn the wheel, and come home to each other.

All blessings,

Moon’s Nest Playschool

The Moon’s Nest Playschool is a gender neutral, wild and witchy play community located in Portland, Or. 

We offer high quality, nature based, and magically infused early childhood development programing for queer families and their allies. We are guided by Waldorf, Reggio Emilia, Anti~Bias, Coyote Mentoring, and unschooling principles. Our magical practice is rooted in the Reclaiming and Faery Traditions, and influenced by many great teachers and ancestors of path.  

For more about our work, pedagogy, and practice please visit our website .