Moon’s Nest @ Kindle Cascadia 2019

Invitation & Call

The Moon’s Nest School of Magic, Mischief, & Mystery is pleased to be partnered again this year with Kindle Cascadia fer the 2019 Winter Solstice Skill Share Gathering and Ritual

After taking the year off last year, we are so excited to be back with these dear friends this year. We invite you to join us this Winter Solstice Tide fer a magical 6 days of crafting, learning, ritualizing, playing, preparing our hearts fer the longest, darkest night of the year, and welcoming in the Winter season.

We’ll get cozy in the lodge around the wood stove, delve into our magical shape shifting selves with an abundance of winter time forest play, make the village rounds, learn new skills and crafts, make gifts fer our beloveds, brave the darkest night of the year with nuthin’ but our handcrafted lanterns, and enjoy an abundance of yummy, gooey, Hearth Arts sessions in the Aprovecho Kitchen Studio.

So please do join us again this year as we continue the work of forming meaningful memories, relationships, and traditions that will inspire us throughout the year and bring us back to each other in the next. We are so very inspired to continue this work with all of you, and to cultivate magical experiences for the children of the Kindle Cascadia community and their families.We do hope that you will join us this year as we cast our circle of connecting, playing, and learning together!

✨🕯xoxo. Miz Flow 🕯✨

More to come soon. Full teaching crew, programming, and schedule
currently being developed. Look for these details to be released in the next few weeks.

The Moon’s Nest is a gender neutral, wild and witchy play community based in Portland, Or. We of er high quality, nature based, and magically infused early childhood development programing for queer families and their allies. Additionally, we of er kids programming fer a wide range of Pacific Northwest gatherings, convergences, camps, and conferences.

We are guided by Waldorf, Reggio Emilia, Anti~Bias, Coyote Mentoring, and unschooling principles. Our magical practice is rooted in the Reclaiming and Faery Traditions, and influenced by many great teachers and ancestors of path.

Moon’s Nest Winter Solstice Teaching Team & Offerings:

unnamedFelted Geodes with Natalia of Feral Felt Adults and children love exploring the delightful world of wool. Using a variety of colors we will learn all the different ways to blend wool and make our very own beads. After the basics are covered, we will discover the beautiful art of geodes. No prior felting experience required. 



Felted Gnome Caves and Gnomes with Natalia of Feral Felt Be ready to sew and wet felt. We shall create sweet little gnomes with some basic sewing and then wet felt caves for them to live in! Celebrate the winter holidays with your new fae friend. Some wet felting experience helpful but not required. Ages 8+


image0Felted Treasure Pouches with Natalia of Feral Felt Learn resist wet felting techniques. We will create a felt wool pouch out to store special treasures and secret findings. Some wet felting experience helpful but not required. Ages 8+


IMG_9670Tracking and Awareness with Kaan Oral Learning the philosophies and mechanics of reading tracks and signs is a skill that leads anyone, regardless of age, into the mysterious world of animals. We will ask questions, learn some basic identifying skills, and most of all play and really embody the animals the tracks and our questions lead us to. Ages 4+


IMG_1810Primitive Shelters with Kaan Oral If ever one finds themselves in the woods and find themselves wishing they could stay longer, but they forgot their backpack and tent, then this introductory workshop is for them. Here we will walk the land, ask questions, and learn from the animals and plants on what to do for shelter? We will then get down and dirty and together make a one person shelter that is warm and dry enough for one person to sleep in without a fire, in any temperature. We will also cover all the other various ways to make shelters for the different landscapes and seasons we may encounter as we adventure through life. Ages 5+


08203382-9F68-4253-A938-8D5F768E64F2Drop Spindle Spinning with Kaan Oral  Spinning yarn is not only satisfying but a mesmerizing practice. Using nothing but a rock and a stick, we will quickly make our own drop spindles and learn how to make one ply and two ply wool yarn. Ages 8+


Crochet 101 with Kaan Oral Crocheting yarn is one of the most versatile ways to make almost any clothing item. With only one hook and one loop to worry about, it is a skill that can be learned quickly as well as one that can take a lifetime to master. Whether it is a small pouch, a wrist band, or even the beginnings of a scarf or sweater; this workshop will get you up and crocheting your own items in no time. Ages 8+

IMG_0718Yarn Dolls with Flow Withwater Making your own toys is fun! Whether it’s a Solstice Witch, Grandmother Crone, or Hearth Keeper you want to make, or just a new toy to story play with, it’s up to you. We’ll be making some personalized yarn dolls utilizing simple designs and techniques. Come make one for yourself, or as a gift for a friend.  Ages 5+ 


69517922_2730672293612121_6497122759531823104_oWood Whittling  & Personalized Digging Sticks with Flow Withwater Whittling wood is a great way for kids to gain confidence and skills in knife handling and knife safety. And Digging Sticks are great tools to have as you wander the woods or go in search of wild roots. We’ll be practicing our knife skills, getting familiar with the beautiful medium of wood, and making our own personalized Digging Sticks. Some experience with whittling helpful, but not necessary. Bring your knife if you have one, but we’ll have a few on hand as loaners. Ages 6+

IMG_7064Hearth Arts Sessions with Flow Withwater : Ornament Dough Get ready to get ooey gooey messy with Hearth Arts in the kitchen. We’ll learn how to make our own ornament dough and then we’ll make some of our very own handmade Solstice ornaments to take home or to give as a gift. Ages 3+ 


IMG_7036Forest Art : Window Ornaments with Flow Withwater   Bring the forest into your house. Learn how to take leaves, fern fronds, willow wisps, and other forest treasure and turn them into beautiful forest art that you can adorn your windows with. These also make wonderful gifts! Ages 4+


leaf stamping

Book Binding with Larry Stokes We will be stamping designs with natural object that we collect from the garden, then binding the pages into a book.


Winter fire making and the ethical harvest with Sarah Fox Explore winter fire making methods in this hands on, exploratory class. You will learn the necessary parts of making fire as well as some top tricks to assisting you during wet, snowy conditions. Students will gain an understanding of embodying reciprocity with land by learning about the responsible harvest of fire making materials.

Charcoal drawing pencils with Sarah Fox Learn to make beautiful drawing pencils from natural materials. This class will walk students through the process of responsible pruning of local plants to harvest materials for charcoal pencils. We will use the element of fire to transform these woody species into creative tools.


Offerings will be added as the schedule develops.


Flow WithWater ~ Children’s Program Facilitator

Flow WithWater is founder, guest teacher, and administrator of The
Moon’s Nest Playschool and the Moon’s Nest School of Magic Mischief,
& Mystery.
She graduated as a first generation student from Portland State
University as a highly distinguished McNair Scholar whose research
focused on the transmission of epigenetic trauma, early childhood
neurobiology, and the biopsychosocial impact of institutionalized
systems of oppression. Her current research is in trauma mitigation
and best practices for cultivating resilience to trauma in early
childhood development.
She’s been a practicing Witch in the Reclaiming Tradition with a focus
in the hearth arts and practical magic for over a dozen years. She is
based out of the Okanagan Valley, where she spends her time
practicing a wide variety of ancestral skills including land stewardship,
hide tanning, and wild food gathering. She lives with the “old-time bug”,
enjoys slow mornings playing around on her banjo, and is a long time
student of old time traditional square dance culture and community.
She wakes each day with an intention to find holiness in the mundane
and reverence for the sacred simplicity of bird song.
Follow her on Instagram and Facebook to keep up with her practices n’


Kaan Oral ~ Moon’s Nest Guest Teacher

Kaan is a Retired Fish Biologist, Wilderness instructor, Magician,
Wizard, Balloon twister, Land Tender, and Crafter. He has been
studying primitive survival skills since 2002. A student of Tom Brown’s
Tracker School, Kaan learned that survival depends not on fighting
nature, but on surrendering to it, bringing awareness to what is around
and inside you.
He has worked at the Tracks and Trails summer camp in Duval
Washington for a couple weeks every summer teaching wilderness
skills and awareness for ages 2-12. He spent a year living in the woods
in a shelter he built, eating almost entirely food he gathered and
harvested, using supplies found and made from the land. He is adept at
shelters, bow drill fires, weaving baskets, spinning fibers, tanning hides,
and weaving on a backstrap loom. He is also a nationally registered
EMT-Basic and Wilderness First Responder.
He can additionally be found teaching ancestral skills workshops at
local Granges and Ancestral Skills Gatherings Spring through Summer.
And did ya know? You can book his Mountain Man Magic show fer yer
kiddos birthing day celebrations n more.
Check out his website fer all the info.


Natalia Robinson~ Moon’s Nest Guest Teacher

Natalia Robinson is obsessed with all things naturally made by hand. As
a graduate of the Evergreen State College, she created her own major in
fiber arts and early childhood education. She studied fiber arts in New
Zealand, Guatemala, Mexico, and in the PNW. This includes felting,
weaving, natural dyeing, spinning, and sewing. She now teaches
extensively to children in public and private schools. In addition, she
runs kids camps and does adult fiber arts enrichment in her
community. She has co-organized kids camps for Saskatoon Circle and
Sharpening Stone over the years. Every day is a good day to make art
and play! Learn more at


Sarah Fox has been an educator for over a decade, teaching in public schools in several countries as well as coordinating and leading environmental education programming for Monterey County and Oakland, California. She is the lead teacher, founder, and coordinator of the Nature Immersion program which utilizes earth based arts, traditions, and technologies as a catalyst for resilience and place-based learning. Her work seeks to further the dialogue on racial inequality and resource deprivation within the educational paradigm. Within her praxis, she deploys components of ancestral skills, social forestry, mindfulness and experiential learning to inspire inquiry and exploration. 

Sarah’s passion for outdoor skills began eight years ago after taking students on a day long survival skills course with the Santa Cruz based Adventure Out. It was there she met her mentor, who ignited her curiosity and set her on a path of exploration. From there she was honored to become a student of Lynx Vilden and Finisia Medrano who contributed to the expansion from ancestral skills into traditional land management strategies. She is a certified Wilderness First Aid and has ample experience guiding youth in the outdoors. Sarah currently works at Paschal Sherman Indian School on the Colville Reservation as the Intervention Specialist and lead teacher/ coordinator of Nature Immersion.