2019 Offerings

Cheryl Stokes Rug weaving, book binding, spinning

Hazel Social Forestry

Mulysa Melco Plant Drawing

Maggie Knapp Ancestral Folk Songs

Keith Hess Herbal Wildcrafting,  Herbal Medicine making

Tao Orion Regenerative Nutrition, Plant walk

Megan Lipsett  Personal- and Eco-Resilience: Weaving science and traditional wisdom for personal, social and planetary health  

Abel Kloster Tree Felling, Inhabiting the Foothills – Exploring lessons learned  at Aprovecho

Finn Po Household 2050: Biochar Hearth, Terra Preta Sanitation, Probiotic Kitchen, Insectavore

Angelo Seaver Hand drill fire, knife sharpening, awareness & hunting skills landwalk

Jillian Hovey (Eagle Medicine Woman)  Permaculture related offering

Reishi Strauss The Ecology of Mycology

Estabon Fire Blending native clays, making corrugated cooking pots, primitive pit firing Blending clay discovering the qualities and attributes of native clays and adjusting the clay bodies toward specific uses such as blending a clay for thermal shock resistance and durability for making cooking pots. Corrugated cooking pots –  cooking pots made with this method were very common in ancient Southwestern U S and northern Mexico. It is a coil forming method that can make very strong and durable cook pots.  Venus figurines/rattles appreciating the female thru forming small clay figurines, each student is encouraged to discover their own muse and creative vision. I try to facilitate toward that end.  Primitive pit firing – using blended talc clay bodies firing ranges can be lowered and firing times drastically reduced. The clay forms made are fired in a shallow pit or at ground level or even it a wood stove.

Mo Walrath Willow basketry

Abel KlosterTree selection & falling with hand tools This workshop will cover criteria for selecting trees for removal in a way that is beneficial to the forest ecosystem as a whole. Following this discussion, we will select and cut a few trees with hand tools. Inhabiting the foothills- Exploring lessons learned at Aprovecho

Andy HowellAnimal Fat Wizardry – Join Andy for an afternoon of animal fat wizardry. Explore the history of using animal fat as a local, traditional, healthy alternative to modern industrial oils. Get hands-on experience rendering and preserving fat for use in cooking, soap, candles, and salves. Participate in soap-making and candle-making. Leave with the knowledge to use animal fat as a staple of sustainable living.

Hosanna White Stone Pigment & Paint Using rocks found around the Southern Willamette Valley, we will transform them through pressure, liquidation, and heat into a watercolor-like pigment for painting on paper, trees, and natural surfaces. This is a great class for kids and adults alike; those ready to play with color can experiment and watch as others learn the whole process to completion, leaving with one or two colors to take home. Rites of Passage Panel

Kara HuntermoonRabbit butchery Spiritual, ecological, and political perspectives on butchering animals; knife sharpening; killing, skinning, and butchering rabbits; cooking rabbits.  If there is a hide-tanner at the gathering who can give instruction to my students on what to do with the rabbit hides, this is a good opportunity for cooperative teaching because I do not tan hides.

Larry StokesFermentation: Sourdough and Cider – Hands-on workshop where participants will practice and learn all about fermenting sourdough and apple cider. Students will likely be able to take-home the goodies made during this workshop. Pine Needle Basketry, and kids wet felted vessels

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