2018 Offerings

Keep checking this page for updated 2018 offerings. We will be updating the website frequently as we confirm this year’s workshops and other programs. In the meantime, checkout last year’s offerings below to get an idea for what’s to come!

2017 Offerings

Abel KlosterTree selection & falling with hand tools – This workshop will cover criteria for selecting trees for removal in a way that is beneficial to the forest ecosystem as a whole. Following this discussion, we will select and cut a few trees with hand tools.

Andy HowellAnimal Fat Wizardry – Join Andy for an afternoon of animal fat wizardry. Explore the history of using animal fat as a local, traditional, healthy alternative to modern industrial oils. Get hands-on experience rendering and preserving fat for use in cooking, soap, candles, and salves. Participate in soap-making and candle-making. Leave with the knowledge to use animal fat as a staple of sustainable living.

Conrad SimasPrimitive Pottery; Stinging Nettle Cordage – Pottery has been one of my greatest teachers. It has taught me about listening and being receptive. How the world responds to gentle touch versus forceful. That steady change is at the heart of integrity. Join me for this hands on workshop and learn the principles of creating primitive pottery, from earth to fire. Feel the earth move you as you move it.; Don’t let the name frighten you, stinging nettle is an ally! Hidden within its body are some of the strongest natural fibers in the Pacific Northwest. Come develop a relationship with this plant and learn the fundamentals of making practical cordage using primitive techniques.

Dan NanamkinIndigenous stories, dances, and games – Dan is offering Song, dance, stories, prayer and friendship. Hands on learning and sharing his adventures as a water and land protector

Dusty Bloomingheart – Herbs for burning and clearing – When do we need protection and what from? What are we asking herbs to clear? How are the energetic nuances of herbs important to us as healers, activists, change-makers? Surveying a sampling of both Native and European plants used for clearing undesired energies and reinforcing energetic boundaries, we will explore the energetic subtleties of green brush-downs, hydrosols and burning herbs. We will discuss the ecological impact of harvesting herbs for this purpose, and how our relationships with plants fit into the larger scheme of decolonization and belonging to place.

Finn PoAcorn Processing & Terra Preta Sanitation – Anthropologically it is probably safe to say that human beings have eaten millions more tons of acorns than they have all of the agriculturally produced grains combined. Come join the annual Kindle Cascadian Acorn Action Team and let them become a staple in your kitchen arts.; The recent discovery of the bio-waste and excreta treatment of a former civilization in the Amazon reveals a highly efficient and simple sanitation system. With the end product that was a rich black soil still very fertile 500 years after this civilization had disappeared.  I will share my enthusiasm managing such a sanitation system for the last 3 years at home.

Heron BraeWoods Wise: Aidless Navigation and Awareness Games – Using our senses and skills at observation, we will practice “getting lost”, finding our way around the woods without map and compass, increasing our sensory awareness skills and playing some sense-honing games. We can also talk about map reading if there is interest. Hands on, outside, fun.

James HuntleyNatural Movement – Our human bodies developed to interact with nature the same way the bodies of wild animals like deer, cougar and bear have. But most humans don’t relate to the world as our bodies were designed to anymore, causing us to lose our animal ease, strength and fluidity of motion. Throughout this workshop, we will help identify and correct typical inefficiencies we’ve developed in our everyday movements in order to build a strong foundation. We will then learn more advanced skills on the land, exploring our capacity to move through nature. You will leave with the inspiration and knowledge to help you develop your own movement practice. It will be helpful for you to have a yoga mat (for indoor use), clothes you can get dirty and wet, minimalist footwear (helpful but not essential) and your imagination!

Julian DominicMilpa Agroforestry: Exploring an ancient corn-based forest ecology culture with hand-griddled heritage tortillas – Come celebrate the ecstatic culture and practice of growing corn while making tortillas! In this hands-on class with story and song, we’ll explore the carbon-sequestration growing practice of the Milpa Cycle – a multi-generational method that weaves the revered poly-culture of corn, beans and squash (among hundreds of other fast-growing perennial crops) into a regenerative agricultural system feeding both village and climate. Taco toppings and mezcal welcomed:).

Kiko DenzerGreen Wood Spoon Carving – Learn many carving techniques in one project, beginning with whole green wood, and ending with a refined spoon!

Larry StokesFermentation – Hands-on workshop where participants will practice and learn all about fermenting sauerkraut, raw pickles, sourdough bread, almond cheese, cider, etc.

Max WilburThinking like Warriors: Hardskills for Earth Activists – Consumerism, industrialization, car culture, mining, logging, overfishing, and global warming are rapidly murdering the planet. False solutions abound. Activists have been unable to stop or meaningfully slow the destruction. This workshop shares skills and strategies for escalating direct action aimed at physically interrupting or dismantling the key supply lines of industrial culture.

Michelle PlataReimagining MenarcheReimagining Menarche is a multi-sensory ritual experience for anyone who has bled with the moon or otherwise entered into womanhood. Through exploration of our individual and collective first moon stories, sharing innate knowledge, and acquiring new practices to sanctify the womanly experience of turning inward each month, participants in this circle will shift the cultural narrative around menstruation and the sacred feminine. This class’ facilitator, Michelle Plata, works as a health promotion specialist to build communities that nourish women and children. As an instructor at Shakti Rising, she has led women to rediscover the wisdom of their own bodies and ancient ways of wellness through an exploration of seasonal foods, herbalism and healing practices.

Mitchel Davidovitz Bookbinding – Some basic bookbinding techniques will be explored and practiced including pocket-sized notebooks, journals, and zines. Mitchel will emphasize creativity, the use of re-claimed materials, and cost-effective alternatives to buying special tools. The workshop will also be an opportunity to learn basic sewing and embroidery skills.

Rob MillerFriction fire – Rob will be teaching the basics of bow drill friction fire.  Participants will make a basic kit mostly from materials provided.  He loves friction fire and the thrill of seeing people get their first coal.

Teri Lysak – Animal tracking walk; Plant identification walk; Indoor animal tracks and sign – Wild animals are difficult to observe, yet are all around us. Tracking provides a way to unravel their mystery, enabling us to discern their presence and learn about their lives. Learn some of the finer details that will help you distinguish between different tracks and how to hone your skills of observation, through both plaster prints and searching for tracks in the field.; Join Teri in exploring Aprovecho’s biologically diverse floral assemblage! Hike and learn to identify the plants growing in the wintertime temperate cloud forest. Exploring both native and non-native species, Teri will focus attention on edible plants and various ways to identify them through leaf shapes, patterns and plant habits.

Ridhi D’ CruzDecolonizing Ourselves, Culture, & Institutions – Decolonizing Ourselves: To face our privileges is to acknowledge our collusion with systems of oppression. To accept our privileges is to uncover our agency. To understand our agency is to unlock our immense power to transform. In this interactive workshop, we hope to transmute our personal griefs into gratitudes. Decolonizing Culture: To cultivate allyship is to acknowledge our responsibility to dismantle oppressive systems. To accept this responsibility is to more fully participate in the web of life. To participate in the web of life is to cultivate our collective empowerment. In this interactive workshop, we hope to apply ecological metaphors to transform organizational and cultural challenges into opportunities for justice and peace.

Tree BressenDesigning Liberated Organizations – Groups can be a site of thriving fulfillment, supporting each individual to reach their highest potential–or, they can be the source of endless frustration.  When it’s the latter, lack of transparency and unaddressed power dynamics are often at play.  Effective organizational design supports a healthy balance of power between the individual and the group.  Come explore what this might look like as applied to your own group situations.

Eric CinowaltAnimal processing; Cold meditation

Thaddeus Koester – Meat handling and preservation


+More! Our list is growing daily. Check back soon for most current offerings!


Child Focused Workshops

Flow Withwater – Raffia Baskets, Lantern Making, Hearth Arts – These workshops have been developed for kiddos ages 3-6 in mind, but all are welcome!

Basketry Arts : Raffia Baskets

In this class we’ll introduce small hands to the art of basketry using the very basic braid & coil technique with natural fiber raffia. Students in this session will end the gathering with a finished project to keep, give as a gift, or to use for trade at the trade blanket.

Ritual Arts: Lantern Making

Kindle kiddo’s are invited to make a lantern in preparation for our Winter Solstice evening ritual and lantern walk. Together we’ll learn and practice how to responsibly and ceremoniously source materials from the forest to use in the making of our lanterns, and infuse them with our winter season intentions.

Hearth Arts: Kitchen Clay and Solstice Charm Making

We’ll have some messy sensory fun getting familiar with some very basic clay and play dough recipes. We’ll use our finished dough and clay to make solstice charms for our windows and altars at home. Students will also be able to make charms to give as gifts or to use for trade at the trade blanket.

Sarah Fox – Ages 6+ offerings

Children ages 6 and up are invited to participate in an energetic and connective three-part workshop that explores wild harvesting, animal movement and earth-based arts and crafts. The kids program will delve into an exploration of food as medicine including a lesson on acorn harvesting, processing, and cooking. Students will learn how to responsibly forage acorns and will gain hands on experience processing this powerful ally. Students will also gain experience in the wonderful world of animal imitation and movement through a guided forest walk which includes a sit spot, sensory awareness games, wild crafting and a visualization exercise.

+More! Our list is growing daily. Check back soon for most current offerings!