2019 Offerings


DSC_0241Social Forestry with Hazel: It is Solstice and the forestry work guilds have come down to winter camp.  We are sitting in council together to hear reports from work and opportunities so that we can plan the next seasons coordination.  This will be a positive future role play where we can all dream and practice the ecological restoration of an imaginary drainage basin that we all can recognize.  



Rabbit Hide Tanning with Flow Withwater: Tanning rabbit hides is a great introduction into the world of hide tanning! Students of Kara Huntermoon’s Rabbit Butchery class, bring your rabbit hides and continue the work of learning how to honor the life taken by utilizing every part of the rabbit you butchered. We’ll tan our hides in a ceremonial way, and learn all about the hide tanning process and the various methods of tanning hides. No hide tanning experience necessary. 


71313878_10158790157904392_209566675735937024_nThe Ecology of Mycology with Reishi Strauss: Dive deep into the magical world of mushrooms as we go over the basics of mushroom biology & ecology, discussing the evolutionary history of fungi and their ecological functions. We will explore the metaphors embedded in mycelial consciousness around nutrient sharing, interconnection, and decentralized power structures. We will go over properties of local medicinal species such as Lion’s Mane, Reishi, Artist Conk, Turkey Tail, Red Belted Conk, Tremella, and more, and discuss how to sustainably harvest and make your own mushroom medicines


IMG_0210Estabon Fire Blending native clays, making corrugated cooking pots, primitive pit firing Blending clay discovering the qualities and attributes of native clays and adjusting the clay bodies toward specific uses such as blending a clay for thermal shock resistance and durability for making cooking pots. Corrugated cooking pots –  cooking pots made with this method were very common in ancient Southwestern U S and northern Mexico. It is a coil forming method that can make very strong and durable cook pots.  Venus figurines/rattles appreciating the female thru forming small clay figurines, each student is encouraged to discover their own muse and creative vision. I try to facilitate toward that end.  Primitive pit firing – using blended talc clay bodies firing ranges can be lowered and firing times drastically reduced. The clay forms made are fired in a shallow pit or at ground level or even it a wood stove.

2019-11-21 13_21_55.216Weave the Water in the Wood- Willow Basket Class with Mo Walrath: This is a three day class open to 7 weavers. We will create round baskets of varying sizes with handles (if desired), explore the language of the willow, and learn techniques in the stake and strand tradition of basket making. This workshop is an opportunity to learn as a beginner or return as a seasoned weaver for dedicated weaving time as well as share experiences and stories around willow tending, gathering, storing, and preparing for weaving.

Abel KlosterTree selection & falling with hand tools This workshop will cover criteria for selecting trees for removal in a way that is beneficial to the forest ecosystem as a whole. Following this discussion, we will select and cut a few trees with hand tools. Inhabiting the foothills- Exploring lessons learned at Aprovecho

andy Animal Fat Wizardry with Andy Howell. Join Andy for an afternoon of animal fat wizardry. Explore the history of using animal fat as a local, traditional, healthy alternative to modern industrial oils. Get hands-on experience rendering and preserving fat for use in cooking, soap, candles, and salves. Participate in soap-making and candle-making. Leave with the knowledge to use animal fat as a staple of sustainable living.


pigmentBecoming Place-Based Artists with Stone Paints with Hosanna White: Like many ancestral skills, the process of collecting, grinding, and preparing local stones for pigment connects us intimately with the Earth, our riverways, and ancient time. Color from the land, made by hand is an accessible craft for all ages and inspires deeper teachings needed in these times of transition away from the fossil-fuel industrial complex. In this class, we will discuss and engage in the process of making crude-to-fine pigments from locally sourced materials and binders for various applications.

rscn4811Kara HuntermoonRabbit butchery Spiritual, ecological, and political perspectives on butchering animals; knife sharpening; killing, skinning, and butchering rabbits; cooking rabbits.  If there is a hide-tanner at the gathering who can give instruction to my students on what to do with the rabbit hides, this is a good opportunity for cooperative teaching because I do not tan hides.

Larry StokesLarry StokesCheese and Pickles: The art of fermentation. We’ll be making fresh mozzarella cheese and three-day pickles.With a taste of my home brew apple cider to wash it down.

Pine Needle Basket Weaving: For beginners and advanced artists alike. Colorful waxed cord and black walnut centers combined with the timeless natural beauty of pine needles and your imagination. What else could you ask for to make a perfect day? 

CherylAlpacaScarfCheryl Stokes: Hand Spinning Yarn: Learn the basics of spinning and plying wool into yarn using a variety of hand spindles as well as how to prepare fiber for spinning.

Rug Weaving: You will learn all the steps needed to weave a luxuriously thick spiral rug using the stick weaving method. It’s a great way to use up leftover bits of yarn.
Bookbinding: You will produce a small hardcover, hand sewn book that lays flat when it’s open, perfect for writing in or to use as an art journal.

Megan LipsettPersonal- and Eco-Resilience: Weaving science and traditional wisdom for personal, social and planetary health  with Megan Lipsett: This workshop reminds us that the health of the land and the health of people are intimately interwoven. We will explore topics of integrative health, self-concept, belonging, behavior change, and nature stewardship in order to increase resilience and promote service to the land and our communities. Through insightful, playful, embodied, and mindfulness-based practices, we will re-connect to ourselves, one another and the wisdom of the earth.

Portrait_Mulysa_byRH_2018_2_croppedPlant Drawing with Mulysa Melco: Drawing has a special way of slowing us down, allowing us to tune in to nature’s rhythms and deepen our relationship with a place. In this course, we’ll cultivate an openness to unexpected outcomes as we record our observations of the dark season’s wonders. We’ll also cover how drawing can be used to aid in plant, fungi and lichen identification. Bring drawing paper and a pencil or use materials provided. All experience levels welcome. 


rosemaryBody literacy, menstrual cycle awareness & autonomous fertility management with Rosemary Roberts: Awaken your body-knowledge, your innate wisdom, and your power to manage your fertility free from the medical-pharmaceutical industry. Gain the tools (you should have learned at puberty) to understand your menstrual cycles and what’s going on inside your own body. We will explore: sexual & reproductive anatomy & physiology ~ gauging reproductive & hormonal health ~ cycle tracking & herbal allies for autonomous fertility management. Geared at people with ovaries, inclusive of all gender identities & expressions, sexual orientations, and family/relationship structures. 

Ancestral Folk Songs with Maggie O’Knapp

Herbal Wildcrafting and Herbal Medicine making with Keith Hess: 

Regenerative Nutrition, Plant walk with Tao Orion

Tree Felling, Inhabiting the Foothills – Exploring lessons learned  at Aprovecho with Abel Kloster:

Household 2050: Biochar Hearth, Terra Preta Sanitation, Probiotic Kitchen, Insectavore with Finn Po

Our Ancestors – Storytelling and Discussion with Hosanna White:  
We each carry a diverse confluence of ancestral lines and histories, some illuminated in stories passed down, while others lost to time and circumstance. In this dedicated and facilitated space for remembering, honoring, and for some, reconciling with our ancestral lineage, we will explore how our ancestors have had a role in shaping our identity and our collective work towards culture healing, as well as how we can become good ancestors* (*Layla Saad). Our time together will include an invocation, storytelling, written prompts, and discussion.


2019 Kids Classes:

unnamedFelted Geodes with Natalia of Feral Felt Adults and children love exploring the delightful world of wool. Using a variety of colors we will learn all the different ways to blend wool and make our very own beads. After the basics are covered, we will discover the beautiful art of geodes. No prior felting experience required. Ages 4+


Felted Gnome Caves and Gnomes with Natalia of Feral Felt Be ready to sew and wet felt. We shall create sweet little gnomes with some basic sewing and then wet felt caves for them to live in! Celebrate the winter holidays with your new fae friend. Some wet felting experience helpful but not required. Ages 8+

image0Felted Treasure Pouches with Natalia of Feral Felt Learn resist wet felting techniques. We will create a felt wool pouch out to store special treasures and secret findings. Some wet felting experience helpful but not required. Ages 8+

IMG_9670Tracking and Awareness with Kaan Oral Learning the philosophies and mechanics of reading tracks and signs is a skill that leads anyone, regardless of age, into the mysterious world of animals. We will ask questions, learn some basic identifying skills, and most of all play and really embody the animals the tracks and our questions lead us to. Ages 4+

IMG_1810Primitive Shelters with Kaan Oral If ever one finds themselves in the woods and find themselves wishing they could stay longer, but they forgot their backpack and tent, then this introductory workshop is for them. Here we will walk the land, ask questions, and learn from the animals and plants on what to do for shelter? We will then get down and dirty and together make a one person shelter that is warm and dry enough for one person to sleep in without a fire, in any temperature. We will also cover all the other various ways to make shelters for the different landscapes and seasons we may encounter as we adventure through life. Ages 5+

08203382-9F68-4253-A938-8D5F768E64F2Drop Spindle Spinning with Kaan Oral  Spinning yarn is not only satisfying but a mesmerizing practice. Using nothing but a rock and a stick, we will quickly make our own drop spindles and learn how to make one ply and two ply wool yarn. Ages 8+

Crochet 101 with Kaan Oral Crocheting yarn is one of the most versatile ways to make almost any clothing item. With only one hook and one loop to worry about, it is a skill that can be learned quickly as well as one that can take a lifetime to master. Whether it is a small pouch, a wrist band, or even the beginnings of a scarf or sweater; this workshop will get you up and crocheting your own items in no time. Ages 8+

IMG_0718Yarn Dolls with Flow Withwater Making your own toys is fun! Whether it’s a Solstice Witch, Grandmother Crone, or Hearth Keeper you want to make, or just a new toy to story play with, it’s up to you. We’ll be making some personalized yarn dolls utilizing simple designs and techniques. Come make one for yourself, or as a gift for a friend.  Ages 5+ 

69517922_2730672293612121_6497122759531823104_oWood Whittling  & Personalized Digging Sticks with Flow Withwater Whittling wood is a great way for kids to gain confidence and skills in knife handling and knife safety. And Digging Sticks are great tools to have as you wander the woods or go in search of wild roots. We’ll be practicing our knife skills, getting familiar with the beautiful medium of wood, and making our own personalized Digging Sticks. Some experience with whittling helpful, but not necessary. Bring your knife if you have one, but we’ll have a few on hand as loaners. Ages 6+

IMG_7064Hearth Arts Sessions with Flow Withwater : Ornament Dough Get ready to get ooey gooey messy with Hearth Arts in the kitchen. We’ll learn how to make our own ornament dough and then we’ll make some of our very own handmade Solstice ornaments to take home or to give as a gift. Ages 3+ 

IMG_7036Forest Art : Window Ornaments with Flow Withwater   Bring the forest into your house. Learn how to take leaves, fern fronds, willow wisps, and other forest treasure and turn them into beautiful forest art that you can adorn your windows with. These also make wonderful gifts! Ages 4+

leaf stamping

Book Binding with Larry Stokes We will be stamping designs with natural object that we collect from the garden, then binding the pages into a book.

Winter fire making and the ethical harvest with Sarah Fox Explore winter fire making methods in this hands on, exploratory class. You will learn the necessary parts of making fire as well as some top tricks to assisting you during wet, snowy conditions. Students will gain an understanding of embodying reciprocity with land by learning about the responsible harvest of fire making materials.

Charcoal drawing pencils with Sarah Fox Learn to make beautiful drawing pencils from natural materials. This class will walk students through the process of responsible pruning of local plants to harvest materials for charcoal pencils. We will use the element of fire to transform these woody species into creative tools.