2018 Offerings

Abel KlosterTree selection & falling with hand tools – This workshop will cover criteria for selecting trees for removal in a way that is beneficial to the forest ecosystem as a whole. Following this discussion, we will select and cut a few trees with hand tools.

Andy HowellAnimal Fat Wizardry – Join Andy for an afternoon of animal fat wizardry. Explore the history of using animal fat as a local, traditional, healthy alternative to modern industrial oils. Get hands-on experience rendering and preserving fat for use in cooking, soap, candles, and salves. Participate in soap-making and candle-making. Leave with the knowledge to use animal fat as a staple of sustainable living.

Carly Boyer – Soft fiber baskets – This Jute twine basket can be formed around any bottle or jar and makes a cute cozy or stand alone basket for Knick-knacks.  Using the twinning, this weaving technique is simple and is easy to get the hang of.  Using dyed fiber, we can make patterns to personalize designs.  Most participants finish around 3-4 hours. $5 suggestion for materials – no one turned away for lack of funds.

SURJ (Showing up for Racial Justice, Eugene) – Bystander/Upstander Training

Learn and practice how to intervene when someone is being
harassed in a hateful way-without escalating the situation. These
workshops include lecture, video, demonstration, and role-playing.
Experienced teachers lead these trainings where you will learn and
practice several ways to effectively support a person who is being
bullied. Some of the skills you will learn about and practice

 Being an active witness
 How to engage with and support the targeted person
 Ways to distract the harasser
 How to involve others who can help
 De-escalating the situation
 The necessity of and strategies for “after-care”
 Broader involvement in work for social justice

Finn Po and Ryder Coen – Acorn Processing & Biochar– Anthropologically it is probably safe to say that human beings have eaten millions more tons of acorns than they have all of the agriculturally produced grains combined. Come join the annual Kindle Cascadian Acorn Action Team and let them become a staple in your kitchen arts.

Hosanna White – Stone Pigment & Paint – Using rocks found around the Southern Willamette Valley, we will transform them through pressure, liquidation, and heat into a watercolor-like pigment for painting on paper, trees, and natural surfaces. This is a great class for kids and adults alike; those ready to play with color can experiment and watch as others learn the whole process to completion, leaving with one or two colors to take home.

James HuntleyNatural Movement – Our human bodies developed to interact with nature the same way the bodies of wild animals like deer, cougar and bear have. But most humans don’t relate to the world as our bodies were designed to anymore, causing us to lose our animal ease, strength and fluidity of motion. Throughout this workshop, we will help identify and correct typical inefficiencies we’ve developed in our everyday movements in order to build a strong foundation. We will then learn more advanced skills on the land, exploring our capacity to move through nature. You will leave with the inspiration and knowledge to help you develop your own movement practice. It will be helpful for you to have a yoga mat (for indoor use), clothes you can get dirty and wet, minimalist footwear (helpful but not essential) and your imagination!

Kara Huntermoon – Ancestral Skills and Climate Change – Global Warming and its solutions are considered, with attention on personal experience and emotion.  How can we transition our communities to life-affirming ways of meeting our needs?  This class is for everyone, regardless of experience or knowledge.

Larry StokesFermentation: Sourdough and Cider – Hands-on workshop where participants will practice and learn all about fermenting sourdough and apple cider. Students will likely be able to take-home the goodies made during this workshop.

Michelle PlataNourishing winter skin

Rebecca Minifie – The Botany, Physiology, & Spirit of Winter: Connecting with Native Trees & Our Bodies at Solstice

This class will be a fun and experiential combination of head, heart, body, and spirit work. Using samples from native deciduous trees, we will use close observation, exploring beginner winter botany (inspired by the book Winter Twigs). We will then discuss the physical changes that occur in winter with deciduous trees, comparing that with common evergreens. After connecting with these species, students will be invited through meditation to imagine the spirit of these trees in the winter season. Inspired by the plant world, we will then turn to our own mammalian bodies. While we do not hibernate, our bodies in winter need extra sleep and care. We will discuss excellent winter body care and native medicinal plants & trees (from our known allies) for winter health and wellness, including tincture tasting. During journey work, participants will be invited to discover a native plant ally for the winter season. 

Talyce YemayaUnpacking Racism: An intro into decolonization

What does it mean to be an effective ally in the face of social injustice and systemic oppression? In this workshop we will be discussing topics such as Racial Equity, Identity, White Privilege, Systemic Opression, and Allyship to begin to uncover the answers to this question. We will be diving into useful
ways in which we can unpack our own racial biases, and begin to develop useful dialogue to stimulate radically different social outcomes in our communities today.

Eric CinowaltAnimal processing; Fibromyalgia home remedies

+More! Our list is growing daily. Check back soon for most current offerings!


Child Focused Workshops

Shae Le Fae – Kid’s Program Coordinator

Hosanna White – Animal Games, Stone pigment

Anna Bradley – Solstice Scavenge, Fire-making, and Ceremony

Larry Stokes – Fermentation

Rachel Sanders – Felting, spinning, knitting and other fiber arts