December 17-22, 2019

Registration will open in September!

2018 Pricing

Every year we as organizers struggle to strike a balance between making the gathering affordable to everyone and meeting the real costs of running an event like this. This year we are introducing a tier payment model, which allows us as the organizers to be honest with the cost of running the event, and you as the participant to be honest about what you can contribute. We also offer family discounts, limited scholarships and work trade positions as options to reduce the cost of the event. Please see below for more details and applications for scholarships and work trade.

**Ticket price includes workshops, lodging, and breakfast and dinners throughout the gathering. Some classes may require an additional materials fee.**

Adult pricing (registration by Nov. 15)

Standard price – True cost of attendance. . . . . . . . . . . $200   ($240 after Nov. 15)

Resilient price – I’m working and/or solvent. . . . . . . . . . $275  

Abundance price – I want my tuition to fund another person to attend. . . . . $400

“Scraping by” price – I truly cannot afford more. . . . . . . . . . . $175    ($205 after Nov. 15)

Children/Youth Pricing

Under 5.  . . . . . . . . . . . FREE

Ages 6-11 . . . . $60    ($100 after Nov. 15)

Ages 12-17 . . . . . $100     ($140 after Nov. 15)

Can’t make it for the whole thing?

Day passes available for $60 ($20 age 6-11, $30 age 12-17) with the option to add an overnight and a meal for $20 per person.  We strongly encourage participation for the full gathering, and may limit day passes. 


Checks: payable to Kindle Cascadia. Mail to Kindle Cascadia, 878 Almaden St, Eugene, OR 97402.

Cash: give directly to an organizer, or bring to the gathering (not ideal)

Online: Send money through Paypal. Login to your paypal account, and select “send money to a friend” option. Send to



At Kindle Cascadia, we like to create space for both experienced instructors who are masters of their crafts and provide opportunity for new instructors to hone their teaching skills. We have two avenues to teach at Kindle Cascadia:

  • Core Teachers
    • Core Teachers have demonstrated expertise of their craft, competence in teaching to all skill levels, and are known to the Kindle Cascadia community
    • We expect Core Teachers to teach 3 workshops
    • Core Teachers are provided with lodging, all your meals through the gathering, promotion on our website and social media platforms, and endless gratitude and welcome into the Kindle Cascadia family.
    • Core teachers are also welcome to bring a +1 at no cost.
    • Please email us at to inquire about being a Core Teacher.
  • Gateway Teachers
    • Teach one or two workshops
    • A discounted ticket ($50 off per workshop taught)
    • Appropriate for new teachers, teachers new to the Kindle Cascadia community, or more experienced teachers who want to come to Kindle Cascadia as a participant as well as a teacher.
    • Please complete the 2018 Gateway Teacher Application to apply.

Work trade


We have a limited number of work trade spaces available. Half and full work trade positions available (each require a partial monetary contribution). Please complete this 2018 Work Trade Application Form.

Half work trade: 12 hours + $100

Full work trade: 20 hours + $50


We can offer at least one full scholarship to attend Kindle Cascadia, and possibly more depending on the number of participants and the pricing options they choose. To apply for a scholarship, please email us as and respond to the following questions. We will confirm scholarship recipients by November 15.

  1. Why do you deserve or need this scholarship?
  2. How are you intending to apply the experiences, skills, and connections you gain through attending Kindle Cascadia?

Have something in-kind to offer?

We are seeking certain items to make our gathering happen, and may be able to offer discounted tickets in exchange. Please contact us if you  have any of the following list or something else you think would enhance Kindle Cascadia.

  • Large quantities of local, organic, vegetables
  • Large quantities of local, humanely raised meat
  • Large quantities of eggs, grains, beans, oils, and other bulk ingredients
  • Firewood
  • Waterproof canopy, wall tent, or heavy duty tarps (to give or loan)

Thank you, thank you.