What to expect


Classes and programs

The schedule is coming together with so many beautiful offerings. We will be posting and continuing to update the schedule as the information comes through, so keeping checking our website for details.  Many of these activities will be open to kids with some especially tailored for young ones to engage with.  Feel free to check out our schedule from last year for an idea of our offerings. Workshops are included in the registration price, but some of our instructors request a materials fee, from $5-80. There will also be no-fee classes.

Daily flow

Arrival time is Monday, December 18th, 3:00-5:30 pm.  This gives time to settle in before dinner at 6:00 on Monday.  An opening circle will begin at 7:30 pm on Monday.

There will be 2 teaching sessions each day. 9:30-12:00 & 1:30-4:00. From 4-6 there is open space where participants can work on projects, share a skill or passion of their own, or enjoy some downtime. Evening activities vary from night to night, and are co-created by all in attendance. Some scheduled events may include councils, dance, music/song circles, and storytelling. On the third evening there will be a winter solstice ritual.

Each full day of the event breakfast and dinner are provided.  On the last day of the event, breakfast is provided and we will wrap up everything up around lunch time. Bring a “cold” lunch and snacks with you for each day.  


We are excited to be hosted by Aprovecho Center for Research and Education in Sustainability in Cottage Grove, Oregon. We will primarily be using the Community Meeting Hall which has a large open room with side room, upstairs classroom, and porches. The kitchen in the adjacent dormitory building will be reserved for kitchen staff only. We will have access to the outdoor spaces and some workshops will be hosted outdoors. There are composting toilets and showers available.

Aprovecho Sustainability Education Center is a non-profit organization located on a beautiful forty-acre land trust. Aprovecho, which means “I make best use of” in Spanish, gained its name from the spirit of a sustainable approach to resource use in the creation and sustenance of human culture that the early founders observed in their international development work. Since 1981, Aprovecho’s land and its community of educators has been a regional resource for researching, demonstrating, and educating the techniques and strategies of sustainable living.



We are creating a village together and everyone’s participation is integral to how the event evolves. Kindle Cascadia is about being a good village to each other. This means volunteering, being kind, assuming good intentions, and stepping up to things that need to be done. One of the most important questions each of us can ask is, “How can I help?”

All participants are expected to volunteer 1 or 2 shifts to help steward various parts of the village.  All participants are asked to pitch in with the final clean up on Sunday.

When you register, we will ask you if you can contribute a food item to the kitchen. This is a major way we keep the gathering more affordable. For those who agree, we will send out a list of items needed and you will sign up to bring what you are able. Everyone is encouraged to bring an organic, home grown, wild harvested, or preserved food item to contribute to the kitchen.


We invite you to bring what you need to be mostly self-sufficient. Below are some suggestions to help you prepare.

What to bring:

  1. All your sleeping gear
  2. Towel, earth friendly soap
  3. Bowl, cup, plate, spoon and fork (Sky Camp has, but we encourage you to bring your homemade items!)
  4. Sheathed knife, or foldable knife with a locking blade or
  5. Lunch for each family member for each day you attend
  6. Bulk food contribution you sign up for
  7. Layers of clothing for cold and wet weather

Optional items to bring:

  1. Pillow, small stool or small folding chair
  2. Easy slip on and off indoor shoes
  3. Solstice ritual and altar items, for example: glass enclosed non-scented candles, power objects, cloths, ancestor photos, etc. 
  4. Your own projects/crafts to work on while we spend our evenings together
  5. Materials and tools for any skill you want to teach or skills you may want to learn that are not on the skill list
  6. Handmade, homemade, wildcrafted or homegrown items for trade blanket
  7. Musical instruments, stories, songs

What Not to Bring:

  1. Pets–this event cannot hold pets. If you show up with a pet, you will be asked to turn around at the gate.
  2. Any drugs, alcohol, marijuana or other altering substance.
  3. Electronic gadgets. If you must bring your phone or computer, please only use them in your car or the parking lot.


Wintertime and being in close quarters creates prime conditions for illness to spread. If you think you have a cold or flu that may be contagious, please be considerate of the community and stay at home. At the gathering, be sure to rest and take breaks, drink lots of water, wash your hands often, and do what you need to do to stay healthy.

If you have a skill you’d like to share, please consider offering a class for a discount on registration.  Email kindlecascadia@gmail.com to inquire.

We are so excited to come together for the solstice with you!  Call us or email us with any questions or concerns. (952) 270-0868 (Abby), kindlecascadia@gmail.com

If you use social media, you can “like” us on FB (www.facebook.com/kindlecascadia) and get updates as they come out.  

Many blessings,


The Kindle Cascadia Organizing Team