What to expect


The schedule is coming together with so many beautiful offerings. We will be posting and continuing to update the schedule as the information comes through, so keeping checking our website for details.  Many of these activities will be open to kids with some especially tailored for young ones to engage with.  Feel free to check out our offerings from last year for an idea of classes offered. Workshops are included in the registration price, but some of our instructors request a materials fee, from $5-80. There will also be no-fee classes.

Daily Flow

Arrival time is Tuesday, December 17th, 3:00-5:30 pm.  This gives time to settle in before dinner at 6:00 on Tuesday.  An opening circle will begin at 7:30 pm on Tuesday.

8:00am breakfast, morning circle, announcements

9:30am-12:00 Work Shop session

12:00-1:30 Lunch Break

1:30-4:00 Work shop session

4:00-6:00 open space where participants can work on projects, share a skill or passion of their own, or enjoy some downtime.

6:00 Dinner

Evening activities vary from night to night, and are co-created by all in attendance. Some scheduled events may include councils, dance, music/song circles, and storytelling. On the evening of the 21st there will be a winter solstice ritual.

On the morning of the 22nd after breakfast we ask that all participants help clean up their personal belongings as well as communal space of the gathering by 2pm.


Every year participants co-create a memorable Winter Solstice Ritual to honor the darkest night and welcome in the light. Children usually take part in the ritual or create their own ritual. There will be the option to not participate in the ritual as well.


Kindle Cascadia will be hosted at Aprovecho Sustainability Education Center, 6 miles west of Cottage Grove, OR.

Directions and more information will be sent by email to registered participant


Click here to offer, request, or find a ride on Ricky Rides.


Ten meals will be provided. Breakfasts and dinners from Tuesday dinner through Sunday breakfast.  Breakfasts will be hot oatmeal/porridge with fruit, nuts, yogurt, and bone broth. And dinners will be local, organic farm to fork catered by Branch Road Farm Kitchen Collective.


We have more indoor sleeping options this year outside the Main Lodge

Options for lodging this year at Kindle:

-A bunk in a shared space or dorm room. This year we will have 20 additional beds in a cabin onsite. (Participants provide their own bedding)

-Floor space in the neighbor’s house (Participants provide their own bedding)

-Car camping. We will have a designated car camping area this year on level ground. 

-Tent camping.  We have multiple camping platforms plus more flat areas to set up a tent. (Remember it is likely to be cold and rainy)

Self-sufficiency is encouraged.  Please bring all of your own sleeping bags, blankets, pillows, whatever you need to sleep comfortably.  If you can bring bedding to make yourself comfortable on the floor that will leave room for those who are more in need of a mattress to sleep on.  


We are creating a village together and everyone’s participation is integral to how the event evolves. Kindle Cascadia is about being a good village to each other. This means volunteering, being kind, assuming good intentions, and stepping up to things that need to be done. One of the most important questions each of us can ask is, “How can I help?”

All participants are expected to volunteer 1 or 2 shifts to help steward various parts of the village.  All participants are asked to pitch in with the final clean up on the last day.

When you register, we will ask you if you can contribute a food item to the kitchen. This is a major way we keep the gathering more affordable. For those who agree, we will send out a list of items needed and you will sign up to bring what you are able. Everyone is encouraged to bring an organic, home grown, wild harvested, or preserved food item to contribute to the kitchen.


We offer a kids program that provides activities and workshops during workshop hours. For more info see our kids page: www.kindlecascadia.net/kids


We invite you to bring what you need to be mostly self-sufficient. Below are some suggestions to help you prepare.

What to bring:

  1. All your sleeping gear
  2. Towel, earth friendly soap
  3. Bowl, cup, plate, spoon and fork
  4. Sheathed knife, or foldable knife with a locking blade
  5. Lunch and snacks for each family member for each day you attend
  6. Bulk food contribution if you signed up
  7. Layers of clothing for cold and wet weather

Optional items to bring:

  1. Pillow, small stool or small folding chair
  2. Easy slip on and off indoor shoes
  3. Solstice ritual and altar items, for example: glass enclosed non-scented candles, power objects, cloths, ancestor photos, etc. 
  4. Your own projects/crafts to work on while we spend our evenings together
  5. Materials and tools for any skill you want to teach or skills you may want to learn that are not on the skill list
  6. Handmade, homemade, wildcrafted or homegrown items for trade blanket
  7. Musical instruments, stories, songs

What Not to Bring:

  1. Pets–this event cannot hold pets. If you show up with a pet, you will be asked to turn around at the gate.
  2. Any drugs, alcohol, marijuana or other altering substance.
  3. Electronic gadgets. If you must bring your phone or computer, please only use them in your car or the parking lot.


Wintertime and being in close quarters creates prime conditions for illness to spread. If you think you have a cold or flu that may be contagious, please be considerate of the community and stay at home. At the gathering, be sure to rest and take breaks, drink lots of water, wash your hands often, and do what you need to do to stay healthy.

We are so excited to come together for the solstice with you!  Contact us with any questions or concerns.

If you use social media, you can “like” us on FB (www.facebook.com/kindlecascadia) and get updates as they come out.  

Many blessings,

The Kindle Cascadia Organizing Team